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Full Service Car Washing

-Dean Street is a full service car wash that vacuums your vehicle, gently wash's the exterior with all soft cloth and we feature simonize brand products. We also wash all interior windows and mirrors, wipe down the dash and towel dry your vehicle for a dry, perfect clean.

-We are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00-5:30 and Sunday from 8:00-2:00 depending on the weather.

-Become a preferred member at dean street car wash and save. A one year membership is $10, two years is $15 and a three year membership is $20.00.

-As a member you are entitled to a free birthday car wash, (good 3 days before or after your birthday) a 48 hour clean car guarantee, 10% off detailing services and we store your bonus points from paid washes for future redemption towards free car washing.

-We accept Cash, all major credit cards and The Dean Street Wash Card.



-We offer two types of detailing, Custom and Express. Depending on the level of service you would like and the condition of your car will dictate which service you will need.

-Walk ins are welcomed, but appointents are suggested to ensure a guaranteed time slot.

-Our phone number is 781 762 0808.

-We also fill NITROUS OXIDE tanks for $6 per pound. 


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